Thursday, November 13, 2008

New toy

It's a new camera! And a nice sunny day to take some pictures. These are by no means art photos and , really, are just Anne playing with the camera this morning. So what's in the picture isn't necessarily what she intended to snap. I've left out all the shots of robins in the mountain ash trees happily nibbling on the last berries hanging there. There was so much to-ing and fro-ing with the zoom that the robins are not very visible. There was a bird in the pine tree, too - really.

But the little chickadee having one last splash in the birdbath is pretty good. As is the shot from 8 cm of the oak leaf and pine needles. That's the reason for the new camera: to take good close-ups. And, it does the job. I like how the leaf/needles appear to be stuck in ice. But it's just a bit of last night's rain on a glass table top.

And, just for fun, there is always a Stellars jay hanging out on the deck. This one found a peanut and is quickly making off with it.

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