Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk, I looked out the window and saw a big gray/brown shape on the peak of our neighbor's roof. It was a great blue heron! I grabbed the camera - quick!

Sadly, I haven't used the zoom feature at all (new camera, remember?) and only managed to get a limited magnification. If you enlarge the photo, the bird is quite visible.

The heron seemed to be eyeing the neighbor's pond below. I don't know if they actually have put any fish in it. Around here, fish don't last in ponds as the herons cruise over looking for such easy pickings. Even tadpoles are endangered. I've never seen a heron here before, though. A nice surprise. I hope it comes back so I can get a better photo. I'll practice with the zoom so I'm ready next time.

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Paws on the Run said...

Very cool. I know someone with a "naturalized" backyard in Calgary that gets all sorts of wildilife even though he is in the City. Makes me want a pond!


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