Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plastic Barbies

I've been catching up on getting the donated Barbies and babies ready for resale at the thrift shop. They've been stacked up in a corner of the sewing room for weeks waiting for me to have time for them. This is about half of what I got done over two days which was about 30 Barbies, 5 babies and a half dozen little ponies. It can take me up to half an hour to fix up a doll depending on the state of the hair. They do get their hair in some pretty bad tangles although many baby dolls are bald which makes things really fast. While I get the hair smooth, I think about the personality of this doll - based on her hair, mainly. Then I figure out what clothes to put on her and then I search for shoes. The last step is to seal them up to keep them nice for the store.

Everything is a search, really. I start off with the clothes all sorted into various zip-lock bags but things get into a mess pretty fast as I rummage through the bag, pull out and discard various outfits. Or I find one part of an outfit and can't find the rest. Soon I am rooting through a jumble. It must have been pretty bad yesterday because I found myself dreaming of a big Barbie dressing room with all the clothes on little hangers. And all the shoes and accessories lined up neatly on shelves.

I have all the re-organising to do today since I just stuffed all the little bags into bigger boxes. That closet is still looking pretty good this morning. Just saying.

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