Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Littlest DGD

Remember that little pattern book that I bought at the craft sale? I did manage to find something that I'd not seen in my other old pattern books. These cute little Mary Jane slippers are for Katie who has many pairs of little socks but these are a bit different.

They are about 3 inches long and made from the pink/gray yarn that I liked so much. Wow! It has really given me good value: a pair of adult socks, a blended kid's pair and now these. But that's all there is...I used it all up. Totally.

I'm not sure I really like the colored yarn for these slippers now that it's made up. I think that if I make them again - and they are really easy - I will make them quite plain. The pattern has a little contrast trim thing on the toe. It was too busy with the patterned yarn but plain would probably look very nice. There's always something to learn.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute - good choice of book! I agree that plain coloured yarn would look even better - more shoe-like, I suppose.



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