Tuesday, November 25, 2008

See it?

The family resemblance, that is. These socks are the result of blending yarns and might be kissin' cousins. I used a multi-gray blended with a blue/gray/orange. Both are cotton and wool blend yarns and so they work a bit better together. The difference between these and the 'Skybluepink' socks is that these yarns are self-striping. It sort of works with the colors but I'm not entirely happy with the result. The other big problem is that I can't control where the colors are. These are remnants and I can't just wind off a bit and start where I want. I did try to get two sort-of-orange toes. So, while each sock is OK on its own, they don't really work as a pair. Fortunately, they will grace a two-year-old's feet and he'll not notice it that much. If I were doing another pair of socks with blended yarn then I would stick to those with random coloring. It's all learning.

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