Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy morning

It's a warm sunny morning - just perfect for breakfast on the deck. As I was looking out at the garden, I could hear a loud humming right beside me. It was coming from the weigila beside the deck railing. There was a whole bumble of bees buzzing around the pink flowers. Of course, I ran for the camera.

They were so busy it was hard to get them to stand still and pose. Such a lot of flowers to get through while the sun shines. So, I just pointed and shot. Most shots were rubbish but here's one that isn't too bad.

This bee on the cornflower was a bit lazier...or more used to the papparazzi.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

It's not easy to catch those busy bumble bees, is it? How smart of you to run for your camera. ;-)

Rudee said...

How nice to see the bees hard at work cross pollinating the flowers. May the honey flow soon!


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