Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wireless woes

The wireless router we got a couple of weeks ago to help us play with the new laptop just never worked right. Intermittent reception was the problem. And whenever you have an intermittent problem, it's almost impossible to figure out. So, I decided to return it. No big deal - just an exchange since I was thinking this was a random thing.

So, trying to dig out the proof of payment proved a fun task. I started looking two minutes before I was picking up my car keys. Did I say it was the hottest day we've ever had in June? That was probably me throwing in a few degrees. Oh, ye gods! It was nowhere to be found. My horizontal filing system is usually not much of a challenge to me and this was a BIG piece of paper. Called the store and they said without the receipt it would be a wait of 5 days to get a copy from head office. Yikes! I'm patient but not that much.

I finally decided to just go ahead and try to bluff my way through. No problem at all. I had - who knew? - purchased a warranty with the laptop and the clerk just quickly made the exchange. Took home the new router. Plugged it in. Wireless worked great but no LAN. Rats!

So, we called the Guy Who Helps and he rode up on his motorcycle. Several hours later, and no solution in sight, we all concluded that this was a dud, too. It will go back to the store and I will now pay for the top of the range. But it explains why the clerk made no question about accepting the first one back. She didn't even ask me why I was returning it. 'Nuf said.

So, after a day off-line, the old router is plugged into service again and I'm back. Sure does get quiet when the 'puters are down.

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Rudee said...

That's a miserable thing. I get frustrated when my son's signal trumps mine on our macbooks and then I get stuck with a not connected to the internet sign. I'm thinking of a sprint wireless card. My work card works great.


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