Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend work

Garden projects really help you make up your mind. See that dark - and boring - shrub behind Charlie?

We've been living with the camellia ever since we bought the house. Now many people like camellias and I wouldn't disagree. It's the first flowering shrub with, what could be, beautiful big red rose-like blossoms. But our springs are usually too wet and cold. The buds form and turn brown. Or the flowers open, it rains and ten minutes later the flower is brown. The worst part, for me, are the leathery, laurel type leaves. Laurels are definitely not on my favorite plant list.

So, while we were dreaming about our veggie garden and making plans, I wonderd if we could accommodate a dwarf fruit tree - or two. Where would it go? we thought. Aha! We both came to the realization together - the camellia! Last winter, our snow was so heavy that it's branches broke off and cracked under the weight. So, add the damage to it's lack-of-happiness factor and...

It's moments were then numbered. The saw came out and it's gone to the recycling place. What a lovely bright space we have in that part of the yard now. It's amazing. And we can enjoy our neighbor's mock orange for the first time.

Now there's the little detail of removing the stump. Yikes!

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