Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This isn't the first time I've noticed, but yesterday it seemed to knock me on the head a bit harder. Or my head was softer.

You know all those security 'words' that we have to type in to leave comments? Well, they're starting to make sense. And I can type them in really fast now. Yikes!

When I was in high school my parents considered that I shouldn't learn how to type. I was going to be the great academic and in those days, I guess, the great ones could hire folks to type for them. The academic path didn't quite work out, but I have this pretty effective three-fingered style which goes quite fast but nothing like touch-typing. I do look at every word and spell it out in my head. Fast.

So, it occurred to me yesterday that probably all the young'uns - and not-so-young but good typists - out there weren't reading them and likely didn't think of thosesecurity things were anything but randomly-generated letters.

So, here's me, actually getting good at writing nonsense because I think it means something. Stop laughing!


Rudee said...

You need more caffeine. What do you mean they make sense? They don't to me. Some sites drive me crazy because the letters and numbers are so smooshed together, I can barely out what they're supposed to be. It took me 4 attempts to post to Debra's blog today.

Joanna said...

You know there are some blogs that have real, actual words as the security words. And what's so cool (or weird)is that sometimes they almost seem to relate to the subject matter of the post. Or maybe I've had too much caffeine!

Glennis said...

I find those darn words such a nuisence I can hardly make out what they are sometimes and have to type them 2 or 3 times! oh the joy when one of them actually is an almost real word.
We are all on caffeine prehaps!


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