Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just ducky

Yellow, yellow, yellow. I seem to be attracted to it right now. Or maybe it, to me?

The first sock is a request from Becky. Her old yellow socks have worn through. And Grammy hates mending. I'd rather knit a whole new pair - which I'm doing. I went searching for a lacy pattern and found this duck foot rib in Nicky Epstein's Knitting Over the Edge. Sinec the yarn was such a bright and intense yellow, I figured it was perfect. Had to modify it a bit to keep it in line with the top ribbing.

This second sock is some sock yarn stash that was begging to be knit. I made a kind of puffy texture with garter stitch squares and slip stitch 'stripes'. It's a very squishy and soft sock. Now to finish the second sock. Not like me - I usually motor through one pair before the next.


Rudee said...

THey're both beaut-T-ful. Really.

storyteller said...

What nifty creations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


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