Friday, September 25, 2009

Feelin' lazy

A couple of weeks ago we went out and picked blackberries. They're all frozen now and we'll enjoy them in muffins and other goodies during the coming months.

That day we treated ourselves to pancakes for lunch. It was so nice to eat the berries fresh and this pancake was especially yummy.

Can't eat like that every day but it's nice now and then.


Paws on the Run said...

Yum! I miss blackberry pancakes and muffins

Mimi said...

Funny enough, I picked blackberries yesterday!I'm making jam tomorrow with them.

Now, I'm trying to remember, from the conversation we had when you were in Dublin, what "pancakes" is in Canada?
They look delicious, and didn't you deserve a treat after working so hard to pick the blackberries!

Stephanie V said...

Jam is good son used to love blackberry jam. Pancakes here are not thin like a crepe nor are they rolled (like Dublin pancakes). Just flat, about 1/2" high and fluffy. Butter and maple syrup is what most people like on them. But with fruit in, I like them with just butter.


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