Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hen talk

So there we were this morning just discussing the state of the world as witnessed by the daily newspaper.

Over breakfast, we were focused on an article about how women don't enter politics. One of the reasons, stated Swanee Hunt, is that politics is perceived as a "dirty game" and women have "loftier standards".

She commented on the fact that women tend to govern in a more consensual and cooperative way. I think those of us who form the other half of the world agree that that is true. It can be very frustrating watching our political system operate in such an adversarial fashion. Is it really necessary to have an Opposition that opposes all the time?

I'm tired of finger-pointing and mean-spirited question periods from the other side of the House. If those people were in power, they would probably do many of the same things. Why not work together instead of fighting each other? Is there some idea that we voters want to see these childish tantrums? How much more could be done for the public good if we all worked together?

I think there may be some historical reason for this confrontational method. It may help to keep the other side honest. But I do assume that the folks who run for political office are actually doing it because they want to make the world better. I don't think that I am naive and I am aware that a very few may be there for selfish reasons. But confrontation and warring are men's pastimes. It's high time to try another approach.

However, we need to have a very large mass of women decide to get in the 'dirty game' and effect this change. As we have seen, just a few women will be only perpetuate the current system. This is our challenge.

Our pre-breakfast conversation had centered around the fact that we felt that we are no longer viable political candidates. Then we read the paper. Maybe we are? And now what?

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