Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love affair

I confess to a love affair with the big work horses. They make me happy just to look at them.

On a sunny day in August, we went to the farm and there were two solid Belgian draft horses standing in the sunshine. They were so sleek and strong-looking.

I think there must be an ancestral memory at work. Horses were a large part of my family's way of life. They were farm horses, riding horses, drawers of carriages and, best of all, they were race horses. My father could wax quite poetic about sulky (or harness) racing.

I did ride horses as a girl in a casual way. I even belonged to the local Pony Club although I never actually owned one. And I rode off and on whenever given the opportunity until I was thrown while working in Banff. I was on my day off and not really dressed for riding. Partly my fault although I think that nowadays the stable owner would have refused to allow me to ride. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the ride while it lasted.

Of course, all these horses were big but not nearly as big as the Clydesdales used on the local farms. I would look forward - and still do - to seeing them strut their stuff in parades. I loved how their manes and tails were braided with ribbon.

This one is showing off her lovely mane.

I wonder whether I'd have the courage to climb up on a horse now? They are so tall and broad...they might actually move around. Oh, my! It's too bad that the pleasures of childhood become the terrors of middle age.


Rudee said...

I saw the beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales at the fairgrounds yesterday. They're so gorgeous and powerful looking.

I love horses, too. One of these days...

Joanna said...

What gorgeous creatures they are. I love the mane on the one at the bottom. As far as riding goes, it might be best to keep the good memories.

Glennis said...

Those two really are wonderful creatures. I also learned to ride as a child and loved it for the short time I was learning, I went from that as a child to going on a horse trek when I was about 45 years old, fortunately the horse had been trained to walk mostly, but I managed to make it canter for a few wonderful moments before the leader caught me and my horse and told us off mightily! A great few moments for us both, and the trek was lovely too, just only walking was a bit boring.

J Diva said...

Trust me, show braiding with ribbons is gorgeous but takes FOREVER!!! So many 5AM mornings getting ready for shows. Sigh. Hopefully down the road I will get back into it. And I definitely think that you should get back on a horse again Aunt Stephanie! In fact, lets do it next summer. I will find you a nice pony that will just stand that and let you plait its long mane.

Lindy MacDuff said...

These horses are so beautiful and powerful looking. I would be content just to run my hand along their mane. (I'm not brave enough to ride!)

Stephanie V said...

Diva - I'm glad you added the last sentence...I was starting to get worried.

Glennis - you're an inspiration. I think I'd have been happy just to walk the horse.

Maybe we all these ancestral memories of a relationship with horses?


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