Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pass it on

I have been given the Splash award...isn't it pretty? Thank you, Mimi!

Of course, such a compliment needs to be shared with some of those blog writers who make my morning stroll through the global village so much more interesting and entertaining.

These people have blogs which allure, bewitch, bemuse, impress or inspire:

Knitting Nurse - Rudee has so many ideas and always something to think about

Crazy Coulee & Little Lacy - Wendy's dogs, dogs, dogs... a cat and some humans

Wanderlust and Words - I always learn something new from Penny

Up on Haliburton Hill - suburban life is definitely not boring with Joanna

My Boots n Me - Diamond takes me along on hiking trips to local places I've usually never seen

The Urban Gardener - Sunita has fabulous photos and witty words from her Mumbai garden

Glennis' Blog - New Zealand is so beautiful - and there are travels

Hootin' Anni - a warm Texas welcome, stories and photos

Fabricfan - always inspires me with color and texture

Drop in on these folks and see what I mean.


Rudee said...

Awesome! Thank you...I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, my first award! I went and linked to all those blogs, wow what a group. I'll be bookmarking most of those.

Glennis said...

Thanks very much Stephanie very kind of you, I am also honoured. It is a pretty award.

boliyou said...


Paws on the Run said...

Aww! Thanks Stephanie!


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