Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Wonders - B

B is for bottles.

This morning, Anne was making veggie pickles and I was thinking how funny it is that we call the whole process of preserving food in jars 'canning'. I know in other places it may be called 'bottling' and that seems so much more sensible to me. These pickles were so pretty, they inspired today's letter subject.

I started looking around for some other kinds of bottles and found a few antique perfume bottles...

And, of course, there were some milk bottles. Remember those little creamer bottle in cafes? The milk bottle is actually a new-ish one. This local dairy - right in the city of Vancouver - still sells all its products in glass bottles.

If you're looking for something a bit stronger to wet your whistle, I found an old gin bottle which was made square for easier packing. You might prefer to sample some ginger beer. This stoneware bottle was produced locally many years ago.

And, if you want to write home about all your drinking experiences, I have a few old-fashioned ink pots for you. Two are stoneware; the other two are glass. The pens in them are just small branches fitted with a ballpoint pen - no quills on hand, sorry.

I'm sure all these pieces - except the pickles - were happy to get out of the house for some air. And a very much needed dust off.


hip chick said...

I love the way light looks shining through old glass bottles. I have also heard of canning being called "putting up."

Mimi said...

We'd call it preserving here, I think. Other than making jam, i'm not nearly as industrious as you and Anne.
I love the way, in this post, you've drawn together so many kinds of bottles. My favourite are the milk bottles, I so wish we still had them here, hate those tetrapack cartons!
Your branches with a ballpoint pen are quaint! My word verif is slodong, isn't that kinda apt?

Joanna said...

What a fabulous collection of bottles you have Steph. They really are quite diverse. I enjoyed this post a lot. And the pickles look beautiful.


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