Thursday, September 10, 2009

My happy place

Every time I sit down to sew, I'm taken back in time.

When my kids were little, I sewed almost all their (and my) clothes. I've even sewn for their Dad!

My sewing room was a funny little room in the basement. It had once been the coal cellar, I think. The wooden walls were painted white and, while it was plain, everything I needed to sew was there. This was my own personal space, but , of course, there was a tiny table and chair for someone small to sit and color, string buttons or sew little pillows for the cat.

The best part was being able to sit down in the early morning , all alone, with the radio on while the machine whirred and the steam iron made little friendly noises. Lots of garments came out of that room. But eventually, the sewing slowed down and I turned to quilting. It was an easy fit: sewing and lots of remnants!

Now, my sewing and quilting is not so frequent. But I have Charlie's quilt in production right now. I've sliced and diced...

And I'm putting the top together. The old radio that my brother won in some contest has changed - as has the station setting - but I'm still singing along.

It's odd to think of all the hours of my life I've measured out in those 2.5 minute segments of Top 40 music. I like to listen to our local 'oldies' station when I sew. When I hook, I listen to classical but those golden old'uns are the best for sewing. It's easy to look back in time when you're singing along the way you did when you were a lot younger.


Mimi said...

Great descriptions and lovely pics, Stephanie.
I've got a very similar radio-cassette in my kitchen- mine is all-black, still works perfectly so I've no intention of replacing it.
I'm interested in your use of different music for different activities- I just listen to the same station (classical) all the time, except when the kids change it in the car.

Stephanie V said...

I always thought it was because my musical tastes are so diverse.

Rudee said...

The quilt will be beautiful. I can't wait to see it completed. Thanks for your help on the swatch--I'm about 30% through a pattern repeat. I was hoping not to love the way the cashmerino looked all done up in moss and cable stitches. Who was I fooling?


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