Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I am celebrating today by going back to tai chi classes for myself. 

Last summer, I decided that my body needed a different bunch of muscles exercised and stopped regular tai chi classes.  Tai chi is mostly about core strength, balance and legs.  That alternate exercise didn't materialize as planned  but I did continueleading a weekly practice class for beginners.  And now I'm missing it.  It's funny how one small change can cascade a whole row of changes.  I'm hoping that I can rebuild some of those good habits.

We celebrated St Patrick's Day with  the seniors on Monday with home-made  Irish (lamb) stew and soda bread.  The bread  was as authentic as possible given our harder flour but still not as I remember from our visit to Ireland.  There was whole wheat as well as white and it made me happy to see them all taking seconds on the brown bread. 

We created limericks, told some jokes and even danced a few jigs - well, sort of.  There was a rainbow and a big pot of gold coins to be shared.  We were not stingy leprechauns!  Sorry - no green beer.   Even so, everyone left happy.


Ginny said...

That sounds so yummy! It's hard to find lamb around here. I've been very interested in Tai Chi classes! We have a daily T.V. show "Dr.Oz", and he says it's great for balance and other things. I'm extremly clumsy and have several accidents a day, am usually covered with bruises. So this may just be the thing! Great St. Pat's Day post!

Lindy MacDuff said...

Happy St. Pat's Day! Sounds like the party with the seniors was a success. I love soda bread - what we are able to get in our local Claddagh pub, though I don't know how authentic it is. Heck, they don't even play Celtic music in there! =(

Good for you, to get back to your tai chi. I really need to do something like that. You are a setting goals for the rest of us! =)

Rudee said...

Mmmm. Loves me some lamb!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Mimi said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Love the badge! And the menu sounds good- I'd prefer the wholewheat bread to white soda.
Now Tai Chi I never got the hang of, so I take my hat off to you!

Stine in Ontario said...

Good for you for learning Tai Chi!

Sounds like you celebrated Saint Patrick's Day in style!

jeannette stgermain said...

See you had fun today! Good for you:)

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - tai chi is excellent for balance. I'd suggest that you find a class that is for seniors, though. No standing on one leg while high-kicking!

Lindy - there are some excellent online sources for authentic soda bread. Or as authentic as we can make it on our side of the pond.

Rudee - I think you need to keep some sheep in your new front yard. And of course, a sheep dog.

April said...

That's wonderful. I don't have a tai chi class near me, but I have enjoyed doing it in the past.

Ann said...

I wore green and taught my adult ESL students. they were keen in looking for a 4 leaf clover and then go to the casino.

It is interesting you are doing Tai Chi. I used to do it but not seriously.


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