Wednesday, March 10, 2010


For weeks now we've had  balmy spring weather but just in the past couple of days it has turned cold.  There was even fresh snow on the mountains - I know, too late for those  Olympic skiing events!

But, still, we did fire up the BBQ last night for dinner.  And then, we we forgot to put the cover back on after it cooled.  All that outdoor cooking excitement plumb wore us out, I guess.

And now this morning, I woke up to rain and slapped my forehead.  What had flown out of my brain last night was front and center this morning.  Just needed a little watering.

But just a few minutes ago, the rain turned to fat wet flakes of SNOW!  It isn't sticking and is almost rain again.  But if I were a newly-opened magnolia blossom, I might be feeling just the slightest bit early for the performance.


Ginny said...

Lovely pictures. Now isn't that something, there is a magnolia tree on the corner. But I have never seen the new buds. Also, I thought magnolia trees only grew in the warm south of the U.S.! Are there many around Canada?

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - check out the buds as they are really interesting with their furry cases which appear on the tree before Christmas.

Magnolias are very common here in Vancouver. They like our climate and our acid soil. From my window I can see two pink ones and a white. Most popular in our gardens are the 'stellata' but the larger Southern Magnolia trees are seen everywhere as well.

Anonymous said...

I actually looked to see if it was snowing at your place, it is thick rain here but not snow.

Jane said...

It's like that here too. Our pink blossoms are now frozen!

Rudee said...

The mountains look beautiful and your magnolias look gorgeous.

How was dinner?

April said...

It's been a bit chillier here too for the past few days, but we are getting some sunny breaks. Beautiful pictures of the mountains and magnolia buds.

Stephanie V said...

Rudee - rosemary lamb chops, pan-fried Greek potatoes and wilted salad. Quite tasty.

Weather update - the sun is now shining. One of those funny days.

Mimi said...

Oh I love magnolia, Stephanie! I've on ein my garden, but it's been very cold here, so no sign of blossoms yet.
Your dinner sounds yummy!


Ha! My favourite Star Magnolia, as it is called here!
The three that I am waiting to see bloom are in someone's front yard on the sunny side of East 17th Street - never thought i would see one in NYC itself.
Thanks for stopping by!

Joanna said...

That first photo is a stunner. So clear and white! Almost makes we wish for snow. Hope it doesn't last long.

Rudee said...

I love lamb chops. Now I'm hungry.


Oh, how awful for you - will they survive, I wonder?
I had just finished posting and decided to renew my header with a less wide sky shot, appropriate for the occasion!


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