Friday, April 2, 2010

High flyers

It was a blustery day yesterday.  And Anne's daughter's family have come to visit.  We had just acquired some kites and this was the perfect time to try them out.  So we headed to a park by the ocean where the wind was blowing hard.  Oh, and it was raining, too. 

We got them up in the air...

And some stayed up soaring high in the sky.  Bit boring, really.  

Others were no end of excitement.  We could not get it to do more than go up, turn and head for the ground.  There was a lot of running and fetching.   And ducking - fast!

I'm pretty happy here because I've figured it out - it's all in the string control.  Then you can make figure 8's in the sky.  It got pretty addictive even though, as you can see, it's COLD!   I was glad my sweater had a hood and that I'd left some mitts in the car. 

To warm up,  some went for hot chocolate.  Others went to the yarn store and guess what they found?  Sock yarn, of course! 

I couldn't wait to get it on the needles.  I know I'm supposed to be designing a bag right now for Project Yarnway.  Knitting socks will let my mind wander and dream. 


Rudee said...

I haven't flown a kite in ages. You look like you were having a great time.

Enjoy the family!

Ginny said...

We both did kite posts today! I love your pictures of the kite flying, then crashing!! You look so cold and happy! A great trip to the yarn store afterward, sounds like a perfect day!!

Catherine said...

Stephanie - love the wool and might be tempted to try knitting socks sometime - I haven't since school when I had nightmares about heel turning. I'm sure it ain't that bad! Love the kites- they always remind me of the kite flying kids in Bangladesh and the book The Kite Runner which was very evocative of that whole winter in Asia thing when kites take over the cities. Thanks for comments over on my blog!

Mimi said...

That kite- flying looks like fun, though I wouldn't like to be out in the cold.
Love the blue yarn, Stephanie! Won't you post a pic of the socks when they're finished, please??

Anonymous said...

I tried to post this am but somehow blogger wasn't going to let me.
Can't remember what I was going to say, looks like good yarn and hot chocolate would have been great as well. Man, this wind is fierce.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I haven't flown a kite in years, such fun flying kites.

I bet those socks will be so comfy with that yarn, love the chocolate brown one.

Gill in Southern Ontario


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