Friday, April 16, 2010

Ready for their close-up

Remember this sock yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago?  The one I could hardly wait to get on the needles?

Voila!  I love the colors - but the yarn, not so much.  Oh, it's nice and soft and it knits up easily.  But the spinning is uneven and every now and then there are great thick sections that look like darns in the sock.  And the color pattern is not sock-sized.  No way could I ever get a matching pair. And, no, that's not important.  Now I am wondering if I had started at the other end of the ball for the second whether it would have matched. 

So.  Enough kvetching.  I really love the way the colors blend into each other.  That was a huge plus and the long color repeat kept me knitting ,  waiting for the next hint of what was to come.  The wool is very warm, though, and these will definitely be boot socks.  So, into the drawer they go.  Just too warm for them now.

One interesting plus to this yarn.  It seems to go on forever.  I could have knit a whole other sock with what's left.  And I made the tops extra long.  Know any three-legged women in need of warm hiking socks? 


Ginny said...

I understand your complaints about the yarn, but how wonderful they turned out! If I saw these in the store, I would buy them right away. Great for jeans! No, they don't ABSOLUTLY match, but not noticably, so you can tell they are a pair. I'm drooling after them. Don't know how I missed your post yesterday! But the piggy doll, complete with ring, is hilarious! It's good to see a doll who is shaped like a REAL woman usually is. How 'bout if you knit her a little something? Or maybe just put a chocolate bar in her other hand.

Rose said...

They are lovely; maybe use the leftovers for baby socks? Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. I'm starting to feel normal again after my lost week.

Rudee said...

I haven't tried Poems sock, but the regular Poems is wonderful for felting.

I like the way the colors meld into each other, too, and it's alright that they're fraternal twins.

Mimi said...

LOL at the idea of 3-legged women in need of hiking socks!
You've done a fabulous job of knitting them, and I see what you mean about the long colour repeat.
Do you end up having to darn these, having gone to the bother of knitting them?

Angie said...

I like the way they are odd!! Why do they have to be socks, a long skinny scarf would be great. Somehow they remind me of Yanchep Lagoon...

SquirrelQueen said...

I like the color, they would be great with jeans. With 75% wool they would be a little too warm for this time of the year.

Rose said...

Hey I have some booties that you may be able to use for your doll work. Let me know.

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - should I knit the chocolate bar?

Yeah, I did see the regular Poems in stock as well and thought it looked good for that. I fell in love with the colors.

Mimi- I never darn socks. To me, it's more fun to reknit the hurt part. I'm not a very good darner.

Angie - nice image. When I wear them I'm sure they'll be as warm as Yanchep, too.

SQ - You're right, they are great with jeans. That's probably why I loved them. Forever in blue jeans!

Rose - Thanks for the offer. There may be someone closer to you who could use them. I've got quite a big supply of baby duds.


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