Saturday, April 10, 2010

Other ways

Since I was on a distraction roll , running away from those deadlines - that does sound ridiculous when put that way! Anyway, we decided this would be the perfect day to get some much-needed gardening done.

We started with a trip to the nursery which is one of my favorite places to shop. I love shopping.   Shopping these days really means browsing since there's so little I need.  But 'just looking' is OK too.

Anyway, there we were at the nursery with a need.  We've been wanting to plant an Italian plum tree since last summer.  It's been hard to be patient waiting for spring.  Fall planting would have been OK but apparently, no one else wants to and the nurseries had no stock last fall.

We found our plum tree.  And then I saw an apple tree:  Cox's Orange Pippin.  This name was like a magic spell.  I went whirling off into my childhood with my father describing the best apples. This was one of them.    Can you see why I had to have it?

The rest of the afternoon was spent planting the trees.  Digging big holes and amending the soil.  Planting the trees just so and settling them into their new homes with a drink. 

Those reports can wait til tomorrow.  I need a cuppa now.  


Anonymous said...

Apples and Plums, what a good combination.

Mimi said...

Oh wow, I can almost smell the plum jam and apple tarts from here! And you know how far away that is,Stephanie!
I love trees, any trees. And I also love the idea of settling them into their new home with a drink- I usually add Rescue Remedy to the water, and kind of perform a "welcome ceremony"!
I hope both your trees grow big and fruitful.

Rose said...

Did you get both trees? I've been planting again too. Must be spring, eh?

Rudee said...

There'll be fruit salad at your house in no time. I love plums.

Glennis said...

They were nice apples with a great name , but now days other better newer varieties have superseded them for taste crunch and juice as well as prettiness. Lots of apples are grown in New Zealand. Jazz is one new type, there are lots more.

Robin said...

Mmmm... Apples and plums - I'll have mine as fruitsauce please :).

Angie said...

Like you I would plant rather than report.


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