Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's spring!

I know...I keep saying that!  Well, even though it came early-ish, there was a kind of retro thing going on when the first wave of snowdrops and crocuses came and went.  Then things kind of stalled and the rain and cold came back.

But now it feels warmer.  It's more comfortable to be out in the garden.  The heavier winter raincoat is put away until fall.  Yes!

And the rhododendrons are blooming.  These are not the earliest but they are my favorites.  We find that our rhody blooms come in waves...we have 13 of these trees on our lot.

The lovely pale yellow blooms are my number one favorite.  I love the bit of pink on the edges of the petals.  It doesn't show much after the flower opens.

The pale pink is pretty, too.  It fascinates me how there can be so many shades of the same color.  Our two earliest rhodies are pale pink but not like this.  They're more like a candy pink.  These seem shell-like to me.

The next waves of bloom will be much brighter:  dark pinks, purples and magentas.  There's even a gorgeous darker pink with the most heavenly scent.  Some have black spots deep inside their blooms that add to the drama.  And these are not tiny bushes.  They tower over our heads.  Some have huge flowers that look like prom corsages.  Others are dainty and understated like the ones pictured.

I'm so grateful to the former owners for planting all these lovely trees - many years ago - to help bring in my colorful spring.


Paws on the Run said...

Well that looks much better than the 10" of wet snow we woke up to this morning! Spring definitely hasn't arrived here yet.

Ginny said...

What absolutly georgous pictures! You can almost feel the texture through the computer screen! I was looking for a word to describe that one picture, and you got it right with shell-like. Up so close, I wouldn't have recognized it for what it is. You must have a HUGE yard for 13 bushes!!

Mimi said...

Lovely pictures, Stephanie! Your rhododendrons are magnificent. I tried to grow one a few years ago, but it died-wrong soil type. Now I'm tempted to try again.
It's really interesting that you had exactly the same start-stop-strat again spring that we had,but thousands of miles apart.
But spring is really here now! For bothe of us! I love it!

Joanna said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos Stephanie. I can't wait until mine come out. Lots of buds but no blooms yet.

Ciara said...

Gorgeous spring photos! Isn't it so heartening to see all those flowers popping up?

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos Stephanie, I love the colors of your rhododendrons. The ones here are just starting to bloom.


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