Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday wonders - D

D is for dancing.

When I was about 11,  a dance teacher came to our town.  I had always wanted to take ballet lessons and so I started.   I enjoyed it for about two years - and then I grew.

The other night, I was at an event where the entertainment was provided by a tap-dancing group.  Oh, I was taken back to those former dance lessons.  Back then, some of  my friends were also taking tap.  And I loved how their shoes made such a joyful noise. 

Dancing is such a joy.  When we're babies, it's all about making the body move.

We discover the social aspect as we get older and we have some encouragement.

Some folks join dance groups to be social and to keep body and mind active.  Oh, yeah, it's fun, too.

Others have to be cajoled into trying out a few steps of a folk dance.

Dancing, which comes so naturally to us when we're young  for some reason becomes a performance sport.  We watch others having the fun and usually sit out when invited to have a turn.   For those special occasions, we might worry that we have to be step-perfect before we can take to the dance floor.

But for a few minutes on Friday evening, I was wondering where I could buy some tap shoes.  Those ladies looked like they were having the time of their lives..and making a happy sound, too.


Ginny said...

Some wonderful thoughts about dancing through our lives. And cute pictures to go along with them! When we're children, we are not self concious. Would you consider buying some shoes.....? How did you know about the sodium content of that licorice? I've never even heard of it!

Rudee said...

My favorite garden stone, given to me by my best friend, says, "Dance as Though Nobody is Watching."

It's a good motto.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I thik when we're younger we don't have the same inhibitions as we do when we get older.

Although I have been known to dance about to a good song in the privacy of my living room with sheer abandon.

Gill in Southern Ontario

jeannette said...

I love the very formal dance, like ballet as well as the free dance -just let your body move to the music!


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