Friday, January 11, 2013

Fifty Fridays #23

I am so glad that the sun is shining on the snow which fell in the mountains.  I can see it from where I'm sitting and that's the  way snow should be.  Well-behaved and knowing its place.

However, when I was much younger, I was much happier when it snowed.  Look!  I've shovelled enough to make a snowball.  I'm throwing it at someone - probably my Mom since she was always the one with the camera.

This photo would have been taken the winter I was three.  We were living in East Vancouver then.  Our house looked almost exactly like the one across the street. Most of the houses there were post-war housing and they were all quite similar.  Obviously, I don't remember much at all from those days.  I'm sure that we went down  to the city center on the streetcar.  Well, maybe we didn't.  Apparently, I embarrassed my parents once by becoming sick on the streetcar.  If not, then I can't think where my mother shopped. But there is a small shopping section now that could have been around at the time. 

This was the year that the song "There's a Bluebird on your Windowsill" was released.  It was written by a Canadian and I remember my Dad singing it around the house.  This is the Doris Day version that came out the year I'm helping to shovel the snow.  I'm sure I haven't heard it in that many years but every now and then it flits through my mind. I remember that I liked it a lot and would ask my Dad to sing it for me. 

Have a will make your day a little brighter. 


Empty Nester said...

I adore Doris Day! Deanie and I watch her movies all the time!!! My mother is a genius with a sewing machine and she used to copy Doris Day's wardrobe from her movies and make them for herself! The clothes she wore in her movies were fantastic! I think that's one reason Deanie loves her so much- she a fashion bug. How cute you were with your snowball!

Rudee said...

I don't know that I've ever heard this song! I love Doris Day.

We've had so much rain in the past day that I'm thinking webbed feet may come in handy soon. THe only good thing about January rain is we don't have to shovel it out of the way.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Bluebirds, in any form, always make my days brighter. Thank you. Love the photo of you in the snow!! =) blessings ~ tanna


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