Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

Oh, I have suffered for this post.  It is freezing outside...really!  It amazes me that there could be any growth at all in this weather but I think I see some changes.

This is the maple branch.  I've tied yarn around both branches so that we do see the same one each week.  This one looks different but that's because today I've included the top branch.  I'll try to continue that as I think the photo looks better with that in the frame.

Can you see just the hint of growth on the buds this week?

The copper beech bud doesn't seem to have grown much at all.  But look how the leaves have changed this week.  There is a kind of frost dust on all the leaves.  But they are also a bit more curled up.  That may be because of the dry cold.  No more have dropped off this week, though, even in the icy weather.  I tugged at some to see if I could make them fall.  No luck...they are firmly attached.

The last few days have been cold and dry but the rain is coming back.  


Annie said...

I'm stunned at how cold we are all at once across the nation. True, our degrees of cold are different (pun not intended) but that it is happening all at once is pretty amazing.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

And, so the watch begins... I'm thinking this is going to be fun! It is cold and sleeting here this morning, but it was 71 on Saturday! blessings ~ tanna

Sue H said...

We had the first snow of the winter yesterday - just a light dusting of 1-2". Odd pockets of it are still covering the plants today, especially in the shaded areas, but the sun is shining and gradually the colours are poking back up through the white blanket!

Also, Stephanie, I was following a thread on a genealogy website where we were talking about rag-rugs and came across a site about UK rug-hookers: here and thought you might be interested?

Cindy said...

Just visiting while on the road and see you have nice buds coming out. We are in NC this month and the dogwood is an amazing bud to photograph, Hope to hear from you soon,


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