Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013!

"Another year over - and a new one just begun..."  John Lennon

Happy New Year, everyone!  The century is officially a teenager.  I remember that I liked being 13 although there is always a certain amount of push-back and turmoil.  Does this mean anything for our world this year?  And who is the parental unit in this teenage fantasy?

I am most happy to begin the year with a clean knitting slate.  Last night I finished the vest-cardi that I've put on hold for months while I partied with more dazzling patterns and yarns.  In the end, I think I like it's quiet, lady-like personality.  I have given it suitable buttons: hand-made ceramic with tiny roses.  I was planning on pearl buttons but I found these first.  I think they're perfect.

I now have the luxury of two projects awaiting me.  The first will be with this undyed alpaca which came in my Christmas stocking.  I'm thinking a hat and probably the Leafed Hat from the last Knits mag.  I've never made a brimmed hat before so I think it's time.  I'll leave this yarn in its natural state.

I have been preparing for the return of Downton Abbey to PBS.  It's Season 3...yay!  Jimmy Beans Wool is hosting a Mystery KAL and I've found some yarn in the stash.  This is from a larger bag of Blue-Faced Leicester that I've had for some time. 

So now, I've dyed enough for the mystery project.  The yarn took the dye way better than I had expected.  Sort of disappointed since I was  hoping for a bit more tonality.  However, I love the color...kind of like grape jelly when you see it for real.  I still have quite a bit of this yarn left to play with and now I know how it does in the dye pot. 

Bring on the New Year!


Kim said...

I really hope 2013 is not a cranky teenager! :)

Sue H said...

Happy New Year! I'm impressed you managed to complete your knitting projects - I still have three in progress and I'm planning a trip to my LYS this week (mainly because daughter wants to stock up and I 'm her chauffeur now she can no longer drive) so I just know I'll succumb to purchasing - and we all know that means I'll be tempted to start something new before finishing the WIPs!

Joyful said...

Happy New Year! Those are beautiful new yarns you've got for your luxery projects.

Annie said...

I'm inspired. Downton Abbey started in five days. I'm going to join in on the knit Along. Well, in my case, it will be a crochet Along. The Christmas at Downton yarn is gorgeous but oh so expensive. I will have to look for a Plan B.

You are right; the sweater you just completed is very lady-like and demure. Brava. I wish I could get a better look at the buttons.

Happy New Year.

Rudee said...

I saw that KAL, too, but I've never watched Downton Abbey. Apparently that's a problem I must remedy. Maybe I can buy the first two of seasons and start recording season 3. I have some time coming up where I could do some marathon viewing (and knitting).


Happy New Year, Stephanie. I absolutely love your grape colored yarn. THe sweater is lovely, too.

Anonymous said...

Mystery KAL's are so much fun. Great dye job.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I had not thought of 2013 as a teen, Stephanie. Let's hope she's not too hormonal!! I'm just getting used to not having any! LOL! Very nice little cardi and I LOVE your stocking yarn. I'll be looking forward to sharing 2013 through your blog! Happy, Happy New Year! blessings ~ tanna

Mimi said...

The cardi is sublime, and the buttons a good match, I enlarged and got a good look.
Happy 2013 Stephanie, and to Anne too! Your hard work clearing your stash paid off, your baggage-free and ready for take-off.
My pals in work go mad for Downton Abbey, but I've never started on it, as the last thing I need is another time-consumer!
I've just knitted some alpaca very similar to yours, about to write a post on it now!


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