Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Stash

Sorry this post is so late...just in case anyone noticed.  I had a busy week and had to get the photos all done this morning.  But I also had to arrange some of the props.  Then I became distracted by cleaning in order to have the room to prepare.  One way to get the house chores done is to need the counter space.

I finished the Grapes'n'Honey scarf  but didn't get it blocked until today.  It's meant to produce a bias and it does.  But the bias effect really only shows when the scarf is hanging.  It was super easy and will be a pretty - and warm - accessory.

It seems this was scarf week. I don't wear any jewelry, as a rule, but I do wear scarves a lot.  So, excdept for two silver rings, they're the jewels.   I had two balls of this  beautiful blue alpaca/cashmere to add to my treasure box.  I like this simple lace pattern.  I had almost used a whole ball when I realized that it wouldn't be long enough so I took it all out and began again with one less repeat.  There's a bit more to rip out this morning since I should obviously have put the knitting down last night.  I must have been knitting in my sleep.  Somewhere I gained five more stitches over half a repeat.  I know what I did but the only remedy for that big an error is to go back.  Only a few rows, though, and it's small. 

When is cream not cream?  In a box from the thrift store was this ball of wool that gave me an idea.  After making my alpaca lopi into a hat and then re-knitting it into mittens, I realized that I kind of wanted that cream hat.  Et voila!  Some cream yarn just appears as if summoned.  I want to use both yarns and I'm hoping that the color variation won't be too noticeable.  Still swatching to see how it will work together. 

And, of course, before I could wash all that yarn from the Christmas frogging party I had to wash it.  Not having anything big enough but the tub...yes, I had to clean the bathroom before I could start that.  So, here it is after about twenty minutes of water therapy.  It doesn't look quite as much like ramen noodles as it did.  I think there's probably over 2000 yards of yarn here and I have a request for this sweater.  It says aran weight yarn so I'm swatching with some of extra little pieces that I kept dry.  Crossing my fingers. 


Anonymous said...

Once again, very impressive. I would have just done small batches of that yarn in the sink, especially if I had to clean the tub first. Your scarves are lovely.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, that is a tub FULL of yarn!! Love the scarves. I may have to find the pattern for that second one! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Paws on the Run said...

OMG. I've never seen so much yarn washing at once! Now I kind of wish I had done that part for you. Although I'm not sure where I would have hung it all to dry! Where exactly are you hanging it all to dry? The garage? Fingers crossed!!!

Mimi said...

That tub full of yarn is something else!
Love both your scarves; I'm a "scarf is jewellery" person myself! And so my knitting now will be scarves for quite a while.
I love things knitted in different shades of cream, reminds me of a beautiful designer sweater I had years ago, and it really did work.

Rudee said...

That tub of yarn looks daunting, though I'm sure you got it all skeined first.

The creams are definitely different. It will interesting to see how it all works up. And the scarves are lovely, and I think the blue one is my favorite. It's the pretty pattern that does it for me.

Happy Knitting.

Oh, and speaking of ripping...I missed one eyelet on the DA KAL and had to rip back 8 rows. I tried to fix it without ripping, but I get too confused trying to rip lace and an eyelet that far back was too much for my tired brain to handle. Ripping seemed more humane. I am all ready to start clue one after work today.

DA was very good last night. It's hard for me to feel empathy for Edith, but I'm trying.

Susan Kane said...

I love the joy heard in your writing voice. I feel that way about quilting.


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