Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

Another week in the lives of my two trees.  I managed to get a break in the rain showers this morning to get the photos.

The maple twig's bud is definitely growing. 

And the copper beech is changing, too.   Just a bit more subtly. 

After Monday's frost, we have had a mild week.  I think it's mild anyway.  In fact, I even think spring is on the way.  Although I am probably guilty of wishful thinking.

However, the snowdrops are up at least three inches.  And a hummingbird has been visiting some red flowers on a tree in our neighbor's yard.  I can't get a good photo of either the bird or the flowers and I don't know what the tree is.  But it's all good news.  Right?


Empty Nester said...

What's up with all this spring crap? LOL We still haven't had much of a winter to speak of. I don't like it like this- nature gets fooled and things bloom and then we get winter. I can't really appreciated spring without winter. And I never appreciate summer. I sound like an old grouch, don't I? LOL

Mimi said...

The colours in your first photo are really lovely, so bright and springy!
I love to see buds on the trees, that hope of new life. Even though we hadn't much of a winter, I'm still glad to wave it goodbye and get on with spring.


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