Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Stash

Why do I  feel like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland?  I seem to be always running and running just to stay in the same place.  There are obviously moments of quiet, though, because the yarn does get knit up.  And I am not complaining...the alternative would be unacceptable.  I like being busy and having lots of different things to do.  It's just that blogging gets the push if time runs out.  At least I'm not the White Rabbit.

The socks are finished.  They are much more useful now and actually fit the feet for which they were made.  Always a plus.

I have frogged and re-knit the white hat.  Meet Triple Cream beret.  Triple because there had to be additional yarn found.  A beret takes more yarn that a beanie!   It has some issues - still - in the fit department.  When I blocked it, it had to go over a plate.  The ribbing (which fit perfectly) stretched out to slip over and then didn't just zing back into shape.  I tried and tried to coax it but no cooperation.  So there is a pleat held by a button.  It looks pretty good on Nefertiti.   Very '60's.

The Downton Abbey knitalong mitts are almost half-finished.  We find out tomorrow what the wrist will look like using that provisional cast on.  The fit is great and I'm delighted with mine.  Sorry about the focus, I was trying to shoot the photo one-handed and with my wrong hand.  It was pretty awkward. 

I'm still having fun with the Spring Trees shawl.  Some rows are more challenging and I have to knit with no distractions.  Counting stitches has become a habit with this shawl.  Like my line dancing class:  it's not hard but I do have to pay attention. 

And, of course, there's something new.  When I was much younger, I had a friend who used to get fabulous clothes sent to her from an aunt in Florida.  She would admire them and then put them in a drawer.  I could never get that.  My new stuff gets pulled out of the bag and worn or used right away.   And it wouldn't matter if I needed it right then.  This yarn is the same way.  I had to see how this pretty ragg wool would knit up.  There has been a sweater pattern in my queue practically since I joined ravelry.  I've never had enough bulky yarn.  yesterday at the thrift store, I found six balls - enough for the sweater.  Last night I cast on the 3timesChic by Bonne Marie Burns.  We'll have to have a vote as to which way to finish it: purl side out or knit side. 

Here's the other side. 

It's kind of interesting to go from working with lace-weight to bulky yarn in the same day. I'll be giving the fingers a good workout this week.


Laura said...

LOVE that beret - it's a beaut - and personally I like the first pic of that last yearn - gorgeous stuff!
Have a great weekend
Laura x

Rudee said...

It's all beautiful. I'm particularly smitten with the colors in those socks. The sweater is going to be beautiful.

I'm betting that wrist is a picot bind off. Don't know why I feel that way, just do.

The beret is very pretty!

Annie said...

I love the feel of handmade socks on my feet. I think it's the love imbued in them from the making.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I think that pleat MAKES the hat!! =) It is interesting to go from lace weight to bulky in the same day. LOL! My hands always feel awkward starting each. Look forward to seeing more of these! (I can never make up my mind between the purl or the stockinette side of this kind of rib) blessings ~ tanna

Empty Nester said...

Yeah, well, I'M knitting a dishcloth. LOL Truly lovely projects as always!

Anonymous said...

I like everything! That ragg was a great deal and that pullover will be perfect. I like the plain side out.

Mimi said...

The colour of those socks is gorgeous. And the beret turned out great (no surprise there!)- you always come up with a solution for minor difficulties too, and often as not it enhances the garment.
I feel like that red queen most of the time too, but, as you say, the jobs do get done!


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