Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Stash

Yarn.  Sort of like a teenager.  There is a definite personality to any yarn and if you try to push it you won't end up where you wanted to be.  At all. 

So, here is the result of a push.  I had a vision of where I wanted to go and it was not a success.  This hat is a bit too big and no amount of warm water and negative blocking seemed to make any difference.  Even the alpaca - the purl bumps are alpaca/merino - didn't respond to my quite ruthless handling.  So, it's rip-rip-rip for this one and I'll try again.  I know I won't make such a broad rib this time.  There is absolutely no stretch to it.  I can't blame anyone's pattern, either, as this was all my invention. 

This soft laceweight alpaca/merino yarn was a gift a couple of years ago and I did begin something shortly after I received it.  But the yarn wasn't happy.  So, I waited until I grew up a little and went back with my new Branching Out pattern.  This was the stash yarn I had in my mind when I ordered the pattern - and it works!  This is a really fun, asymmetrical pattern.  Really fun.  Really.

Some finished objects.  The Blue Flame Scarf.  The blend of baby alpaca and cashmere is so-o soft and buttery.  It was a pure pleasure to knit this scarf.  I hardly felt the pain of ripping out half a scarf and starting over.  One of my favorites now.

And, we have half a pair of socks being re-knit.  This wasn't the fault of the was the pattern.  When knit up, they fit the recipient - once - and then never again after they were washed.  Odd, because it is a washable sock yarn.  She shopped them around to some narrower-footed folks but no luck.  They finally drifted home to the frog pond and will now just be plain, reliable traditional socks.  Obviously, they  will need some more washing to get the kinks out.

Speaking of kinks...look at my yarn, all washed up.  I think it looks a lot like a sheep standing there waiting to be shorn and made into something lovely.  The winding into balls will take a while.  Gotta get that swift into action.  The first pattern swatch didn't work despite my crossed fingers - or maybe because of them.  Wendy has chosen a new pattern - Mork - and I love it.  It will work very well and be fun to knit up.  

We've  also come to the thumb in the Downton Abbey Mystery Knitalong.  It's not a mystery at all.  Well, maybe a little, since we don't know exactly how the mitts will look.  But it's a fun knit and watching the show is wonderful.  What more can one ask?  Next clue tomorrow morning. 

That's this week's yarn story. 


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Stephanie, you are a knitting dirvish! So many beautiful projects!! Hate your hat turned out a little large, but the design is beautiful!! blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to want totake lessons and learn something new. Completely another, when a great ideea we have dosen't work out and then needs a total rethink and time away from us before we get the lesson. Lovely scarf, it is fun to see what other colours and yarns are used in KALs.

Mimi said...

Lovely post Stephanie, so many interesting projects.
The first one reminded me of a silk painter who did a project when my kids were at primary school. She said "you work with silk, not on it"; I think yarn is like that too. I must remember that next time a project is not going well, and quit!
Love the blue scarf, yarn sounds same as one I finished last week, felt so good to knit with.
Your washed up yarn does look like a sheep! And your Downton Abbey mitts will be fab, can't wait to see them!

Rudee said...

Forgive my tardiness as I've been so sick.

I love the hat and am sorry it's too big! The blue scarf is lovely as is the new sock. That reminds me of a painted desert!

I did adjust my stitch count on my mitts, or they'd have been enormous. I'm hoping they turn out all right once they're done. I have to knit the thumb and then I'll be all caught up. It's the only knitting I've done this week from my sick bed.


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