Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool down

I didn't really mean the weather but that's cooled down, too.  And is a bit wetter. Not so much fun touring all those nifty Olympic sights right now.  I'll be sitting at home, warm and dry in front of the TV,  cheering on the athletes.

What I needed to cool off is the fever of designing something and then getting it knit to the deadline.  My Sunflower Tea Cosy is on the catwalk now, struttin' her stuff.  You can click on the link in my sidebar for Project Yarnway to see lots of good designs.  Members can vote for their favorite after the Feb 28 deadline.  For those not on Ravelry, here she is:

And, flashing a bit of her underwear.

As a cool-down, I needed something I could knit while cheering.  Socks always fit that bill - I think I could knit socks in my sleep.  There was some pink yarn just begging to be used so I thought something lacy would be good.  I decided on a simple 6 row pattern that lets me pay minimal attention.  After a few repeats, I was reminded of rows of tulips  blooming in a field.  If you don`t see it, don`t worry.  I sometimes let my imagination carry me away.

 Speaking of imagination...I think I should soon be extremely fit and ready to take up some Olympic sports.  While I watch the events, in my mind, I`m off in the gym - training and working out along with the athletes.  Especially the speed skaters...and you should know that I skate very badly.   But it all starts with the mind, right?


Ginny said...

I Love the cozy and the socks both! Yes, I do see the tulip rows! But your colors are what amaze me. That blue with the yellow is outstanding! I am not good at colors, and wish I were.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Do I see a sunflower on the tea cosy? Very pretty! I like the contrasting blue, as well.

I did indeed see the tulips blooming in the field once I clicked to enlarge your photo. =) Nice pattern on the socks.

The speed skaters are my favorite. That would be the sport I would try in my next life! =D

Penny said...

What gloriously rich fuschia tulips. Outstanding.

Mimi said...

LOVE the tea cosy, Stephanie! The rope effect at the top is very creative.
The socks look wonderful too. Your knitting is beautiful. I still haven't managed to cast on, just can't find the time at the mo.
And in my imaginary Olympics, I'd be queen of synchronised diving. As I don't like going underwater, it would be a challenge to all but my imagination!
Was fun thinking about it!

Stine in Ontario said...

The tea cosy turned out very well! Nothing beats wearing handmade socks. I like the lacy pattern very much. You may convince me to drag out my knitting needles. :)

Rudee said...

You skate, I'll take up curling. But, I have to be the skip because I hate sweeping. lol.

I love the tea cozy because it's so cheerful and sunny. Is this project double knit?

Stephanie V said...

Thank you...I am happy to report the tea cosy works well and is very bright.
My camera seems to have color issues sometimes...the lining is actually pale green like a new leaf. And the socks are are more dark rose than fuschia.

Rudee - the lining is knit separately and attached at the bottom with a crocheted slip stitch.

Stine - you're right. Hand knit socks are the best.

jeannette stgermain said...

Your teacosy makes me want to knit one right away -the top to lift it off the teapot looks very practical! And a daring yellow! thanks for sharing -have a great weekend!


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