Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Yarnway

Ravelry is hosting yet another challenge.  And I fell into it.  There will be 11 design challenges in the next year in Project Yarnway.    Since I don't do much hardly any original designs, this seemed like a way to stretch my mind.  The rules for the first one involve using only stash yarn  - mine could use a serious down-sizing.

I had some inspiration in the yellow and green of the daffodils we bought to brighten the house.  And then, I spied my first dandelion of spring.  This is my favorite flower.

 I knew I had some some yellow and green yarn  and I wanted a new tea cosy.  The red one seemed so red all of a sudden.  I think spring just shoved the need for such a hot color out the door.

I used a sunflower design instead of the pictured flowers because I like them, they're easier to depict and I wanted to play with seed stitch a little more.  It makes a perfect sunflower center.

Here it is blocking - the yellow in the first yarn picture is more accurate...this is bright!.  The green is on the needles right now becoming a lining.  I found that the red tea cosy didn't keep the teapot as hot as I wanted.  So, I'm giving this one thermal underwear.


Rachel Cotterill said...

That sounds fun! Where did you hear about it? (I ask because I'm on Ravelry, but this has somehow passed me by.)

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration. I thought that you might do a tea cozy. Great sunflower.

Ginny said...

It's beautiful! I love seeing your work! But here's something we have in common, I adore dandelions!! My husband hates them, but I would like to leave them as a pretty yellow carpet all over our yard. The first sign of spring. Of course, they're pretty bad when they go to seed. I've even talked on our prayer line about my love of dandelions. Your sunflower pattern would be a lovely throw!

Rudee said...

Very clever! I love the bright and cheerful colors. I can't wait to see it completed. LOL at the thermal underwear.

I saw 6 squirrels racing around my yard like maniacs this afternoon. It was relatively warm (42 F) and the sun was out. It felt like spring.

Stephanie V said...

Rachel - just search for Project Yarnway on Ravelry. Hope you join in.

fabricfan - am I that predictable?

Ginny - dandelions are the best! No work; just a lot of bright beauty.

Rudee - Glad spring has finally found you. Squirrels are so much fun to watch. Too bad some folks don't like 'em...just like dandelions.

Glennis said...

The Dandelion is your favourite flower, amazing. I would rather have the daffs.
Love the sunflower pattern its beautiful.

Joanna said...

The yellow and green yarns do look lovely together. I also loved your post yesterday on passions. Is that baby in your family? What a darling!

Stephanie V said...

Joanna - do you remember when fashion decreed that yellow and green should never be seen together?

The baby is my first granddaughter, when she was very new.

Stine in Ontario said...

I like the sunflower design on the tea cosy.

You've seen your first dandelion of the year already? Yes, I like dandelions too. They are so cheerful!


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