Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Wonders - T

T is for Trophy.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It really was springlike.  So, a-hunting we will go.  It's not moose antlers and tigers' heads we want to cover the walls in the house.  No, we look for the interesting, the unusual - and the living.

This little fellow is clearly attempting to be very threatening with those big eye circles. He's really quite menacing when you enlarge the photo!  And, with no traditional lady bug spots, maybe it will  fool whatever preys upon these insects.  Being able to fly is probably its best defense - when I looked a couple of minutes later, the lady bug was gone.

Here's a more easily captured trophy.  Primroses always stand still and always smile.  We call this Dad's primrose because he had them in his garden for years after bagging a few plants from a neighbor in Victoria.  I took a few from Dad's garden when he had to move into an apartment so he could still enjoy them each spring.  Now, I've shared them with others in the family and they've become a reminder of the man who loved to putter in his garden.

And now, going for the gold.  These crocuses were lifting their faces to the sun just like we were.  It may be warm here but it's not always sunny.  Like the crocus, we welcome the rays and grab them when we can.  These flowers seemed bursting with pollen.  I didn't see any bees adventurous enough to be out harvesting yet. 

I know the rains will come back and the weather will cool off (no snow, please).  But these photo trophies will remind us of our sunny afternoon.


Lindy MacDuff said...

Such big eyes! Lots of great textures in that first photo.

Your flowers are so lovely. I think I'm going to have to find/plant some primroses this year. I love purple flowers. The image of your crocuses is spot-on perfect!

Ginny said...

An outrageously wonderful post!! I have a special interest in ladybugs because our granddaughter is Chinese. And the little adopted Chinese girls are referred to as "little ladybugs". I have never seen one like this!! I have failed miserably to snap one, even with my macro lens, am still trying! The flowers are stuning, but they syrprise me! I always thought that whatever weather we are having, it's worse in Canada! How can it be warm?

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - our climate is the same as Seattle's. Usually mild, lots of rain and very green. We have a few frosty nights and occasional snow in the winter. This is an El Nino year which means we have a warmer winter than usual.

Mimi said...

I too assumed it would be colder with you- your weather sounds just like Ireland.
These are wonderful pictures, Stephanie. I particularly like the crocuses- they always remind me of spring.
Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. I haven't forgotten about your tag- just trying to sift 5 things from the muddle!

April said...

What an absolutely gorgeous day you had! The crocuses are beautiful!

Thanks for your help in identifying my yellow flower.


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