Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday wonders - W

W is for Water.

Here in British Columbia we usually have lots of water.  There is so much fast-running water that it generates most of our electricity.

Not only do we have many rivers, but we have an ocean on our doorstep which has provided food for generations of people and animals.

Water can be easy-going and relaxing to look on.

Or it can be a hard-working helper for the tough jobs.

Water can make a day serene...

or give the promise of storms to come.

Water can reflect anything.

But mostly, water is life.  We need to keep it healthy.


DiamondVVV1 said...

Excellent images and post, we certainly have no shortage of the wet stuff here the last week of the Olympics!

Ginny said...

Oh, my! I'm assuming that you took all these pictures! They are stunning! The waterfall; you can even see the mist of water coming off of it! And I urge ALL followers to click on the water drop on the leaf!! Outstanding, you can see the pink flower in it, and the spiderweb! And are those birds loons? Do you have them nearby? Do you hear them call? A perfect post for Sunday.

April said...

A wonderful tribute to WATER and gorgeous pictures! I love being near water and I'm looking forward to the big thaw (of all the lakes around)!

Small Reflections said...

What BEAUTIFUL watery views!
Hugs and blessings,

Joanna said...

Truly a lovely post Stephanie. I love the water drop with the reflection. Amazing that you're at W already. How the weeks slip by.

Stephanie V said...

Thank you everyone.
Ginny - all photos are from my camera. The ducks are cinnamon teal. The flower was taken in the garden of our B&B in Killarney. The photo of the falls was taken through a train window as we approached the Rockies.

Angie said...

Stunning post!!! I am drinking masses of it these last few days, due to the heat.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Excellent post! The waterfall is quite impressive, as is the water drop on the leaf and droplets on the adjoining spider web. Beautiful captures!

me ann my camera said...

I used to live in Vancouver and the first thing I did upon arrival was to buy an umbrella. What an exciting time your city has had, doing duch s fine time of hosting the Olympics. a wonderful job and a great showpiece for Canada, well done!


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