Thursday, February 18, 2010


A few posts ago, my friend Mimi made a list of her passions and invited readers to do the same.  I've been rolling this idea around in my head ever since.  Sort of like a wiggly tooth:  I can't leave it alone.  So, I think it must be meant to be.

Passion is such a huge word and I don't really apply it myself.  It was so hard to come up with anything that I could call a passion.  So, in my mental mulling, I realized that what stirs me the most is transformation.  I like the 'becoming' quality of change.  Everything that I love, and love to do, has this fluidity and continuity. 

New life, babies or seedlings, hold a special fascination.  I'm intrigued with their potential and, at the same, time I search for their connection to the past.  Who does she/he look like?  How do they walk, talk, laugh?  A new little plant is looked at the same way.  Where did it come from?  What will it become?   I enjoy watching the transformation over days, months and years. 

No surprise:  spring is my favorite season. And my favorite color is simply the whole spectrum:  a rainbow, an infinite color wheel.

My fiber arts have a definite transformative nature.  To think of animal fleece or plant fibers being changed into a long thread that I can manipulate into almost anything is truly amazing.  Cutting strips from wool  fabric that is no longer useful and give it new life as a hooked rug or mat is so satisfying.  And giving them new color is definitely magical.

I love the idea of recycling.  Turning the unwanted, worn out or used up items into useful products is, to me, a very civilized thing to do.  If they can be beautiful, too, then that's a big and important bonus.

I trained as a teacher but realized early that I didn't really enjoy the classroom and was glad to leave it behind.  But I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who wants it.  I love to see the change in a person that comes  from success - it's usually a big smile. 

I love music - all kinds.  Well, maybe not so much heavy metal and rap but there are times when that works, too.  Music changes my mood.  It can take me so high or it can cast me down.  A pipe band can make me cry but I think they're happy tears.  The potential for music to transform my emotions is endless. 

I can spend hours with books and I love to watch birds.  I am happy walking through the forest or by the sea. 

Oddly, I dislike changes in my home setting.  Moving furniture around is the worst.  My mother was famous for that and I always dreaded coming home from school to one of her campaigns - which were frequent.   Maybe, there's only so much change my mind can tolerate. 

So, that's my big passion and some of its spin-offs. 


Stine in Ontario said...

I enjoyed reading this. Passion is an interesting word to think about and I believe you have described your passion very well.

Ginny said...

Enjoyable to read your passions. What is the smiley face on? Yes, knitting is always in the process of changing, isn't it? What did you teach?

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post! Artists have to have a passion for their craft, or else they won't pursuit it anymore..You've talent!

Mimi said...

Stephanie, well done, this is a fabulous take-up of my invitation!
You were right- your passions ARE the things you write about. And they are many and varied too, aren't they?
I love the pictures you chose to go with your writing, particularly the adorable baby one.
It's really interesting to read about your passions.


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