Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday wonders - V

V is for Values.  I was digging in the old family photos and came up with a few illustrations.

Joy...laughter is good for the soul.

Hard work...makes the world go round.

Sharing....even when you don't really want to. comes the bride!

It's fun to look at these old photos.  They make me realize that kids don't change that much through the generations.  And kids play says everything about the values they've been taught. 


Anonymous said...


Mimi said...

Hear hear!
Loved the photos, the last one is very funny!

Ginny said...

Are you any of these little lovlies? I just love these pictures and maybe this post was meant for me! My mom passed away not quite two years ago, and I have sepia photos of her as a girl just like this. I'm not kidding. That picture of the three little girls-I have one of my mom at the same age, same hairdo, outside holding flowers just like that! She wore clothes just like the ones in the pictures. So now I'm thinking I will get the photos out and scan them into the computer. Thanks. By the way, I found a group of church women in England who knit a replica of their whole village, right down to the teenagers smoking and the roosters! Of course I thought of you right away. In the very near future, I'm doing a post with the story and pictures, just for you!

Stephanie V said...

Ginny, the older photos are of my mother - and her two cousins. The others are me - and my brother.

I don't think I'm quite up to knitting a village. Although the roosters might be fun to figure out.


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