Friday, June 10, 2011

A belated thank you

This is a thank you note to my dear son.  What would us old(er) folks do if we didn't get some help from the kids?  I love music - all kinds.  But when I turn on the tunes, it's more likely to be the tried and true.  A couple of weeks ago, my son gave me a Reid Jamieson CD.  I had never heard this young man perform.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his "Presley Sessions" CD.   And then I went looking for more.   Hooray for Youtube!

I've been playing and listening to a bunch this morning.  I'm sharing this one because I love the ukelele he plays.  The simple accompaniment makes the song shine.  Have you noticed that the uke does this for many covers of songs which usually have a bigger sound behind them?  I think I'm a fan.

Thanks, Alex


Ginny said...

I've never heard of him, but this is nice. I remember the version The Everly Brothers did, those bad boys Phil and Don.

EmptyNester said...

It's nice to have kids to keep us in the music loop! The Lovelies do this for me!

Rudee said...

What a great find. He has a beautiful voice.


lovely !!! I agree about the uke,something so simple about it,the voice becomes the music as well.

anjoe said... last - the award is at my blog :-D

Thanks ones again, Stephanie!


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