Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paying it Forward

What a surprise this morning when I opened up blogger!  Pam over at Empty Nest  has shared her Pay it Forward award with me.  Even more surprising, this is the fastest I've ever responded to such a bestowal.  This must be a good omen of efficiency for the day, so, thank you!

As always there are some rules: 
1.  Mention the blogger who gave you the award  - check
2.  Link to their blog  - check
3.  Pay It Forward to 5 bloggers.

Passing it on is the hard part - there are so many good bloggers that I meet and greet each day.   Getting down to five is tough.  So, since every one deserves mention, I'm picking five at random. Here we go:

Nature Tales and Camera Trails
A Knitting Nurse
Angie in Yanchep
Anjoe Playhouse

There!  Now, you can go visiting with these folks.  I know you'll have a good time.


Ginny said...


me ann my camera said...

Thank you Stephanie, I'll drop by again tomorrow to pick up the award and think of whom I shall bestow it upon.

Angie said...

Thanks Stephanie - now what do I do?
Might take an idea from Pam & just choose the first 5 on my side bar!

anjoe playhouse said...

Thanks a lot, Stephanie :-D
I hope your Sunday is good!

anjoe playhouse said...

Paing forward, no way, sorry :(
I have not feeling very well the last days, why my responce had to wait. But next week, I'll bring your award, and give 5 blogfriends a chance to find some others...
Thanks ones again - and have a nice weekend :-D


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