Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Wonders - E

E is for Effort. 

Yesterday with a little nudge from a newspaper article and a need for soaker hoses, we loaded those cute little bikes into the car and headed off to Steveston.  We'd read that there was a tall ship visit there and while taking the car to the site would be impossible, riding our bikes along the dike would be much easier.

With a little more effort, my son managed to put aside his wish to have a peaceful Saturday at home so we could all ride out to the fair.  That would be six bikes and seven people.  Littlest grand still gets to ride like a princess - or copilot, as it says on the back of her carrier.

We came upon a couple of pirates fighting over - what? - in  very friendly fashion.  When the fight was finished, they showed us their swords and told us all about swordplay in the movies.  They were actors with specific sword training.  As you can see, the best-dressed sword-fighter is a woman.  She won, too.

We could see the ships from the shore quite well.  This allowed for some beach play while the tide was out.  Can you see that they flew the Vancouver Canucks flag, too?

As we were getting some lunch, we heard some big booms and the kids and I left the others standing in line and hurried off to see the sea battle.  A lot of smoke and noise but I don't think there were any real cannonballs.

Naturally, when you're at the beach - and it's a fair - you have to have a fish and chip lunch.  It was quite delicious.

Of course, there were other attractions.  This  park has  a popular kite-flying field and there was a nice breeze blowing.  I loved watching this beautiful big butterfly as it danced across the sky.

Best of all were the wild lupine fields.  It seemed that they stretched on forever.  The kids went for a close-up and were, occasionally, hidden by the tall blooms.  Sitting in the sunshine - which was a first for us this year - and watching the kids play was almost the best part of the outing.

The day ended, as all good days must with us riding back along the dike and home.  Worth the effort, definitely.


EmptyNester said...

What a truly glorious day! We get the tall ships in port here from time to time. Hubs loves them!

Ginny said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day! Filled with so many different things. Now I want fish and chips, I can even smell them! I love the cannon smoke you captured, and the kids in the tall lupines. And that very cool sword fight, you got a good close-up of it!

Cindy of PEI said...

I'm so thinking about fish and chips now. I had a son who was interested is being home but once you got him out he seemed to not mind too much, it is the age difference, lol.

What a wonderful day and lupins to top it off.

Lindy MacDuff said...

What an exciting, fantastic day you all had! Great images, one and all, but my favorites have to be the ones of your grandchildren inspecting those gorgeous lupine.

Angie said...

You do get to have some amazing days out & then we get to share. Thanks.

Captain Charity said...

AHOY THERE. I was happy when a friend stumbled on your blog and sent me the link. Thank you for the compliment on the wardrobe. It does sometimes get a bit warm but you know what they say... Suffer for fashion.. Ok... So it's 1700s based fashion but... I am so happy you enjoy what we do. It makes it all worth it. Do feel free to like us on FaceBook and share your experiences. In 1500s style we'll be in the Langley community day parade, Steveston's Canada Day parade and then the BC Renaissance Festival. Maybe we'll be able to say hi once more.


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