Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday wonders - G

G is for Gap. 

Wood just picks it own time to say: "Enough, already! I need to be replaced."  It's a good thing that summer hasn't really come yet.  How do we get to the table and chairs? 

There are a lot of boards that need replacing.  Decking as well as joists.  There are a few new skills for Anne to learn as the process unfolds.  One by one, the boards come off and the nails are pulled out.  It's amazing how tenacious some nails can be.  Then all the old wood will be shifted out and the new boards carried in from the front yard where they wait in the dry carport.  

Owning a home is never dull - an older house is always a learning process.  Over the years, we thought we'd seen it all.  Apparently not.  There are some new challenges in this little job.  It's also nice to have help with the heavy bits.  Sons are very handy for muscle.  Tonight I'll be cooking for the chef while he makes the  hard work lighter. 


Ginny said...

Oh my that is scary. Do you think someone could have actually fallen through if you hadn't taken the boards up? Decks do worry me, because you never know how old the boards are or when they are getting ready to just go!

EmptyNester said...

And then maybe they could come this way and fix mine? LOL

Nice when household repairs are complete. At least until the next thing happens.

Lindy MacDuff said...

You certainly said a mouthful - "Owning a home is never dull." I'm sure there are a lot of heads nodding in agreement with that statement! It's nice you've got assistance when you need it.

Theres just life said...

When you own a house, the fun never ends. But it is worth it, just to have your own place in this old world.

Pamela Jo

Rudee said...

Good luck with this project. It should be a perfect spot to relax and enjoy life when it's done.

anjoe playhouse said...

Oh yes, we live in a house from 1911 - originally midwife home - and you are absolutely right: There is always something to fix ;-)
Good to know that the terrace soon is safe again!


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