Monday, June 27, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

I don't remember planting these beautiful irises in the garden.  These are just a beautiful creamy pale yellow with subtle markings.  

It's the last of the irises for this year.  Our heavy rain showers on the weekend really beat a lot of the flowers down. 

For more yellow, bright or mellow, follow this link to Drowsy Monkey's place. 


Rudee said...

Mellow...definitely. That's a beautiful bloom.

Ginny said...

So beautiful, I had to enlarge it! The center is still furled up. It looks like someone took a pen and put the markings on it!

EmptyNester said...

Such a pretty yellow!

Keanna said...

A mellow Yellow Iris. Late visit from MYM. HERE is my entry. Thanks and hope to see you around!

Lesley said...

It is a beautiful colour. I remember the irises that grew in our backyard, that my mother always seemed surprised to see saying "I don't remember planting this". Indeed, I think they were paying with us!

Genie said...

This variety of iris is absolutely beautiful. The muted yellow with the darker markings on it are stunning. Lovely captures. Genie

Mimi said...

It's lovely, pale and delicately muted.
Funny, we have irises in our garden that we definitely didn't plant.

chubskulit said...

Beautiful post to start the week!

Would you mind peeking at my Mellow Yellow? Have a great week ahead.


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