Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday wonders - H

H is for a Happy birthday.

My oldest - and only girl - is 39 tomorrow.

She's been sharing some celebrations with her family this weekend. 

We're all a few years older now and chocolate cake is off the menu.  The paper hats have long been gone...and the only gifts are ourselves.   I have no difficulty at all remembering the early morning when she entered our lives.  One of the odd memories from that time is that the nurses all called her 'Pumpkin".  It didn't stay but there were many other nicknames along the way.  Our family seems to like to improve on the parents' choice. The one that did stick is the one she gave herself: Kitty.  For no obvious reason, she announced, when she was two, that her name was Kitty and from then on that's who she was at home. 

Happy Birthday, Andrea.  Love never gets old.


Ginny said...

What wonderful pictures! Please tell her happy birthday for me!! I see even at a young age she liked to talk on the phone!

Catherine said...

Lovely photos and memories! Happy Birthday to your lovely Kitty/Andrea! My eldest is 29 so I guess I'll be looking in another decade at the old baby/childhood pics! Haven't been to your blog in ages - got a bit slack with the whole thing as v. busy lately, but not forgotten totally!
Keep in touch, Catherine. xxx

Rudee said...

I like Kitty. It's such a cheerful name. Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Jane said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Kitty! Wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

Emille said...

That is so great to have Kitty in your life -I think I'll congratulate the both of you!

Andrea said...

Nice post today, Mom. Love you and see you again soon. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

Mimi said...

happy Birthday Andrea/Kitty!
Lovely post, Stephanie.


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