Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good to go

Two projects were completed yesterday. 

The deck is safe once more.  With dry weather and some extra help - thanks, Theo! - the boards are all in place.  I caught someone having a coffee break from drilling in the many, many screws it takes to hold those boards down. 

And I finished my sweater.  Seams, buttons and all.   This was a far safer better place for me to be since no one needs me doing any carpentry work.  Unless it's carrying boards.  But someone does have to cook meals and fetch drinks.  And in between, I knit.

This is Marigold Sweater by Amy Polcyn. I really like the pattern.  Well, maybe I'm not nuts about the puffy sleeve caps.  I'm not taking them out, though.  Nothing will make me do that.  I love the lace pattern which was incredibly easy  to do.  And I managed to find some buttons that echo the swirl of the lace stitch.  These were in my huge button stash and I've loved them for a long time with nothing to put them on.  I can't bring myself to buy buttons but eight of a kind  is kind of a lot to find in those jars.  The light color worried me -  that deep bright turquoise is mad to match - but I think this was a definite winner. 

So, now we're all good to go for those dinner parties on the deck. 


Ginny said...

Oh, this is definitely the prettiest sweater you have shown us YET!! I love the color, the pattern and matching buttons, the short sleeves, it is all lovely, and you look great in it! Wow, the deck is done fast! And the same picture as last time, only all new! Bravo!!

Paws on the Run said...

Both projects look awesome! Love those buttons! Enjoy the new deck!

EmptyNester said...

Beautiful sweater! I'm with you on the puff sleeves, but those don't look bad at all! I like them! And the color is so pretty.

The deck looks great too!

deb said...

Great job on both projects! They both look great!

Mimi said...

Good co-operative working! carpenters need food too, so your contribution was essential.
And the sweater is gorgeous! Love the colour and the pattern.
Yes, you're definitely good to go with dinner parties on deck!

Rudee said...

First, I don't know what you're doing, but you look wonderful, and the sweater is stunning!

Second, for some reason, I'm suffering deck envy. It looks spectacular.

koko said...

Hi Stephanie,

The deck looks good, and your sweater is just lovely! Everything about it, even the puff sleeves, which I normally only like on baby clothes, look just right on you. I am nearly finished my Clapotis, in case you wonder what I have been knitting lately!



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