Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

A visitor to the garden brought her (his?) dress shield in case there was a battle.

This is a red-backed jumping spider and, as far as I know, is quite harmless to humans.  In fact, this one is trying like mad to get away from me and the macro lens.  I was fascinated by the markings on the shield.  I also like the textures of the tiny hairs on the spider's legs and its dense black body. 

So, up and over the edge of the fence.  That's one Ruby Tuesday visitor greeted.  Find more here with Mary T.


Rudee said...

Good thing there is a computer screen between me and this spider. I'm a true arachnophobic human.

I'll give you this...it's hairy, it's a spider and it's ruby red!


Linnea said...

Not a big fan of spiders...but you've got a great shot here!

Ginny said...

I have arachnophobia and am scared to death of spiders! This one is amazing, I've never seen one like it! What a great picture you got!! I wonder why it didn't just jump at you? Or jump away?

fabricfan said...

I think it looks super.

Gloria said...

It look like a good addition to the garden as it adds color. tee hee. Great photo. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Maria @ LSS said...

Great capture.

Happy RT!

Mine's here.

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

Hi, I'm back! I've missed reading your blog (I've got ALOT of catching up to do :D ). Great picture, and it looks spider enough for me, and you should see the look on my daughter's face when I called her to take a look; she's a biology lover with a major case of arachnaphobia. I'm always rescuing spiders from her deafening screams when one is discovered in the house :)

chubskulit said...


Ruby Tuesday at my page, please come and see.

Angie said...

WOW, great photo - AND - I can see it!!!


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