Friday, June 24, 2011

Wagon wheels

This is how I'm feeling today.  Like I should be jacked up and have one of my wheels changed.

For a week now, my knee has been behaving badly - but still liveable.  But yesterday, it wouldn't bend, lift or step down without feeling like there was a hot poker going right through it.

Packed off to the doctor and then summarily through the X-ray machine.  To no one's surprise, the poor knee showed 'significant' damage from arthritis.  I think my doctor was amazed that I'm only just realizing this.  Of course, I'm not but I've been nursing the old wheel along quite well.  Most of the time it hasn't bothered me at all.  So,  Celebrex and I are becoming good friends for a while.   Then, who knows?  Just like the car,  tinkering with the little things doesn't do it for ever.  Eventually, I'll be making the decision for knee replacement.  In the meantime, I can report that the pain level has receded dramatically and I'm almost human again.  Much to everyone's relief...apparently I can be quite grumpy.

The upside is:  more time for knitting. 


Rudee said...

Owie. Hope the celebrex kicks in fast. I swear by a mixture of oil of peppermint with a little petroleum jelly. Blend in well. If you have eucalyptus oil, you could add that as well. If nothing else, it smells nice.

Also--by prescription--Lidoderm 5% pain patches. Apply for 12 hours, remove for 12 hours. They won't help the inflammation, but they do help the pain without clouding your senses.

Feel better, soon.

Ginny said...

I have needed knee surgery for years, mine is clear down to bone on bone. I have shared with bloggers my story. You CAN put the surgery off, and without this drug...maybe. I have been going to a very good orthopedic surgeon for years, so have several of my blog followers. Getting the set of shots. Three altogether, one a week. They use either Synvisc or Hyalgin. These are artificial lubricants and work wonders!! Most people get them before they resort to surgery, you can get them every six months. Mine have done well for years now. When they start to wear off, I need my cane and it is hard getting up and down, I can't sleep at night. E-mail me if you want to talk or have questions.

Angie said...

Know just what it's like! Right now I feel like a grease & oil change as well as a new car.

Stephanie V said...

Thanks for the support - and the advice.
Rudee - I always opt for the non-pharma solution if I can. Sometimes, though, I'm grateful for it.

Ginny - good to know that you've been able to get by without the surgery. here it depends on your age as they won't replace if you're 'too young'.

Angie - some grease would be handy about now. Get the oil can ready!

Mimi said...

I've a couple of non-pharma solutions for you, Stephanie..
Udo's Choice Oil (he's Canadian!) is fantastic, not just for arthritis, but for your body in general. I've been to his talk, he is amazing. Just take a small amount to start with (ignore instructions on box) - a teaspoon, twice a day.
Also, Epsom Salts compress is good, or Epsom Salts bath or footbath.
Pain makes the best of us cranky!

anjoe playhouse said...

I hope your knee soon will getting better! If the pains are to big, you will use the other leg wrong to help the bad leg, and that can be a problem later, so yes some kind of pharma is needed!
Take good care ;-)


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