Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday?

I don't like the name for this particular day in the year - at all.  I know it is a very positive comment on the day for merchants - and their customers - who are depending on their bottom line.  And I appreciate that.  But I think that Black Friday sounds more like a disaster than upward mobility in the finance department. 

This is the view from my kitchen window this morning. I'm looking east instead of north from the computer - lots of mountains around us.   And it is so not a 'black' Friday.  It's a sparkly new day with the snow and the sun exactly where they should be.  It was a horrible, blustery day yesterday.  Now look at our reward!  It's time to go outside and play.


Sue H said...

Looks beautiful! We had our first frost of the season the other day - I hope the snow stays away for a bit longer though, the UK goes topieces with even a light dusting!

Rudee said...

Ditto the Black Friday sentiments! While I don't have your lovely view, I do have sunshine. I took the opportunity of warmth outdoors to bathe the dog. The dog shampoo bottle said it would improve his huggability and this is how I convinced him to get in the tub. Well that and a nibble of leftover turkey.

Have a great day and enjoy the view.

Joanna said...

I said that to Harry just this morning. What a weird name! Myself, I'm more into "buy nothing day" as I think that commerce is highly overrated. Still it is the beginning of the jolly season. I was at the shopping mall today and it was crazy busy. I was just picking up some suet for the birds.

EmptyNester said...

Now THAT'S a view! Stunning! Absolutely stunning!

Ginny said...

Yes, Black Friday is not a good name. But I'm glad you have pretty weather now!


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