Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Stash

So, yes, the crazy cold white stuff did melt away by noon, yesterday.  The memo for snow bust have been delivered way too early.  Glad someone put it back in the Inbox.  The skies are clear.  It's cold but that's OK.

I have not been very diligent with the knitting this week...a lot of volunteering seems to have been going on around here.  Yesterday. we cooked up a ton of butter chicken, roti and rice for an Indian lunch at the seniors center.  This was to complement our guest speaker: a local woman who spent three months in India volunteering as an English teacher to children in a leper colony.  Yes, they still have them even though the disease is completely treatable now.  The kids - who are quite healthy - are not allowed to go to the public schools.

I did manage to finish the blue cable socks.  Sorry I don't have a photo yet.  And I have started a 'request' cardi for my middle gd, who likes to wear clothes that match big sister's.  The pink Geisha yarn, that I have so much of, will make a lovely version of the Tuckernuck cardi.   

The yarn is  slightly fuzzy but has great body and seems to hold stitch definition quite well.  It's softer than a regular worsted but that makes the pattern more interesting to me.   Best of all, from a mom point of view, the yarn is washable.

Now I'm off.  Today we are selling books and crafts.  We have a lunch ready for the volunteers, too.  These things take time to prepare for.


Rudee said...

That's an adorable cardigan. Can't wait to see her all pretty in pink!

Don't forget to set aside time for yourself. I know it's easier said than done.

Sue H said...

I love that cardigan!!! Can you show me where to find/purchase the pattern?

Ginny said...

I hope your events go well. That is a beautiful shade of pink, any little girl would love it!

EmptyNester said...

'Tis the season to darn busy! No snow here. Never snow here. I am jealous!

Stephanie V said...

Sue - I've linked this to the pattern in Ravelry. Just forgot in my haste this morning.
It's actually an Interweave Knits pattern and you could download directly from their website.

Mimi said...

Butter chicken, yum!
We collect postage stamps here for a leper colony, and i did think "is that disease not eradicated yet, considering we can give people new limbs, hearts etc"?
Isn't it lovely to knit a "request" item, and I bet her Mum is thrilled that it's being knitted by someone who knows the value of machine washable!


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