Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frogs and time

The end of the year is approaching and so is the end of the Time Machine version of the Birth Year reading challenge.

While I'm doing better with the books than last year, I doubt I'll win any prizes this time either.  The truth is that because it's difficult to find the books from 1953 that I want to read, I'm not reading any on the fairly long list.  The ones I can find I don't particularly want to spend time on.  And I sort of knew this might happen.  So, I devised a clever little additional challenge of my own.  Remember the 1953 lacy stockings?

Yes, we can sometimes be too clever.  Knitting lace stockings from a period pattern seemed like an excellent idea at the time.  I hopped right to the needles, cast on some pretty yarn and got going on my project.  Then, my other stash pledge sort of edged out time spent knitting the stockings.  No matter, I have all year, right?  So now, here we are , nearing the end of that not-so-long year.

I had knit to the calf of one stocking (top down) and the rests in between kept getting longer and longer.  I finally picked it up yesterday and realized that I no longer wanted to knit these.  So, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.  Before I even could think twice, I had added to the frog pond.  I'm not unhappy about my decision except that I quit!  I hate quitting!  And this was such clever plan...wah!

Happily, that yarn is on its way to becoming something new...more on Saturday.


Ginny said...

Well, it sometimes takes a lot of nerve to quit, look at it that way. To rip apart something that you have spent so much time working on. I like the color, and I know you will make something even better from it!!

Rudee said...

You have an interesting frog pond. I can't wait to see what that gorgeous yarn has in mind for you.

Suzanne McClendon said...

I understand completely! Sometimes the feeling passes and something different will work out better. I think that you had a pretty start to it, though. Maybe something else using that same design will come to mind. I hope so. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

J.G. said...

Girl, you read four already! Declare yourself D-O-N-E and I'll send you the prize list.


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