Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Front porch chattin'

Today is a funny, busy kind of day.  Funny because all the busy-ness is so different.  I have to prepare for a meeting which is super-important to me.  I have a piano lesson this afternoon and, of course, there will be some practicing involved before that.  Then the meeting.  And, then, I get a treat: dinner out with the seniors Dine Out group!  We're going to a local Chinese restaurant which is supposed to be very nice with great food.  I'm looking forward to that.

So, right now, I'm happy to pick up my knitting and head on over to Patrice's front porch for a cup of hot tea and some relaxing chit-chat.  Just let my mind unkink from all its convoluted thinking.  It's a bit wet and cold here for front porches - nice to head off somewhere else.  Let's listen in:

Dreaming asks: What accomplishments make you the most proud? Right.  Let's start off with something really hard.  Since I'm a mom, I guess I'd say my kids.  But only the fact of them not what they have become.  Not that I'm not proud of them.  No, it's just that I can't take all of the fact they're a team project from the get-go, aren't they?  But, they're my best event ever! 

Suzanne asks: When did your family first come to the country which you now live? Both my parents' ancestors have been in Canada since the mid 1700's.  

Wendell asks: What's your favorite way to serve carrots? Well, Wendell, I actually like mine raw just like you do - and no dip.  BTW, I've got a couple here in my knitting bag for you.  When I cook carrots, I like them steamed with a little butter and dill. 

Do you decorate with anything that has Santa or Father Christmas when you prepare for Christmas?  One of my favorite parts of decorating is getting out my Santa/Father Christmas collection.  I like to see the pieces emerge from their wrapping each year.  I usually only remember the bigger ones.  There's always a surprise or two!  Each one has a memory attached: where I bought it, who gave it to me or who made.  

Do you prefer big dogs or small dogs? Something in between, maybe?  I'm not a true dog lover and I don't think think I would ever share my home with one.  So, this would be a hypothetical dog, right?  I think a medium-sized dog.  I enjoy watching dogs work, especially the herding dogs.  I like their  speed and agility and their intelligence.  Actually,  most big dogs scare me and many small dogs seem silly. I can appreciate their cute factor, though. .  

It's always good to relax with friends.  Now it's time to go and face the world.  If you would like to join in the chat, just hop over to the porch at Everyday Rurality.  A nice place to visit.


My Kid's Mom said...

I can't take all the credit for my children either but it still makes me smile when I think of the people they have become!

EmptyNester said...

I can't imagine our home without a dog in it! I've had one ever since I was a preschooler- guess I'm just used to them.

I used to put my Santas up and get them back out but there are just so dang many of them at this point that it's easier to leave them in the Santa cabinet. I do put them around the house after Thanksgiving though.

Ginny said...

I'm with you about dogs!! I so much prefer cats!! The big dogs scare me, too. I hope we get a report on your dinner tonight, I hope it turns out really yummy!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

We watched sheepdog trials in the summer and watching the collies following every instruction from their master was amazing.

I wonder where your ancestors came from to go to Canada.... so many Scots went to Canada...

Lola said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Courtney said...

I love these chats! It's so fun to get to know people better!!

Farm Girl said...

So nice to read your answers today.
I should have added that raising my kids was a big team effort too. I never could have done it alone.
Very nice.

Patrice said...

I wonder if hypothetical dogs bark as much as our real ones? I,too, unwrap Christmas ornaments and find ones I've forgotten. It's like seeing old friend. Wendell is so happy that you thought of him. Have a great week! I hope the meeting and dinner out went well.

Anonymous said...

It's always interesting reading your answers; you never just give an yes or no ;-)

I hope you had a great time with friends and chinese food yesterday!

Rudee said...

Oh, now, you haven't lived until you've shared your space with a 100 pound Doberman. Right now, mine is snuggled next to me moaning gently as I rub his ears. Come to think of it, though, he is getting aromatic again. Time for mint and lavender shampoo.

Suzanne McClendon said...

I enjoyed reading your post. I agree about the little dogs...some of them make you wonder who decided they were really a dog. haha But, they are cute nonetheless. :)

I'm a new follower and look forward to seeing you on Patrice's porch again. Have a great weekend!


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