Friday, November 4, 2011


Yesterday, the recurring virus issue overcame one of our desktop computers.  So, after much research and thought, we paid a visit to the Apple store.  And came home with something completely different.

Since it wasn't for me, I was just the chauffeur and tag-along eyes and ears.  So I was free to look around and appreciate the experience.  And, oh my, what an experience it was.  First of all, we had to drive to an up-scale mall in the city.  Made the nicest local mall seem pretty low on the market pole.

This store is the most aesthetically pleasing place I've been in - ever!  Walking through the doors, was like walking into computer heaven.  It is so light, bright and airy it is like being on a cloud.  That iCloud thingie seems completely appropriate.   The effect is achieved with light and no clutter.  Every housekeeper's dream.  The lights are so bright, I wish I had even one when I'm knitting at night. 

The store is huge.  There were at least 35 blue T-shirted angels staff busy with customers everywhere.  They were selling, explaining, training and problem-solving with mostly older customers.  The floor has several large, light wood tables - long enough to hold three computers.  There are no cables trailing - they are all in one spiral umbilical cord from floor to underneath the table top.  The computers appear to have no tethers and seem ready to float off into the air. So light and thin they are.

Look, ma!  No wires!
The walls are white.  Most of the products are brushed silver or white.  The packaging is white.  The lettering is a discreet gray and the logo just floats on its own without words.  Who needs them?   Our angel was a very nice young man who was patient and chatty and helpful.  When the deal was made, there wasn't anything as crass as a cash point - it's all done with handhelds and texting.  Lovely.  The receipt discreetly emerged from somewhere under the table.

Soon another helpful young man is patiently helping Anne set up her very own Mac.  I did a lot of browsing on the shelves during this time.  I loved some of the product favorite is Bento Box.  Don't ask me what it does. I know what a bento box is but I couldn't translate that into a computer function.  Then another young man carried the purchase out to the car and the adventure was all over.  For me anyway.  Now, someone else's learning begins.  There are frequent cries of delight as some new trick is discovered.  And the occasional moan when things get a little too different.  I am not tempted - yet!


Paws on the Run said...

Apple does know how to present things well. No one can argue with that! I like the two instruction books that came with mine "Everything Mac" and "Everything Else". You gotta love a company with a sense of humor! :). Have fun you two.

Ginny said...

I'm LOVING your post today!! Because I just got an iPad and realize what an absolute genius Steve Jobs was!!! Before Jobs, phones were only used for calls and nothing else. No iPods or iPads. And he was a good designer, too. I love the white and uncluttered look. I have been considering a Mac as my next computer, but they work SO different from windows!! Don't know if I could learn all the changes. We have an Apple store about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Now I want to go, and also to find out about this Bento Box thing!!

My Kid's Mom said...

I've never heard of a Bento Box - I just googled it! Don't know what that can have to do with computers!

EmptyNester said...

Deanie is a fan of the Apple store- she would kill for a mac. Not me. I don't find them user friendly at all. But their stores are nice. Of course, they should be for what they charge in there. LOL

Farm Girl said...

My husband and my son both really love their Macs I did a video once for my blog and the put that thing together so fast so that part is great. Me, I do good just to use my husbands old one so I am okay.
It is quite an experience to go in to a apple store too. We have one in our mall too.
When my husband got out of college, in the dark ages his first programming job was for Apple. When no one had computers.
It is weird how much has changed.

Courtney said...

I'm a PC girl, myself. But, in my new job...they're Apple all the way. I was given an IPAD...which is convenient, but I miss my PC. Pretty slick, though!

Tonja said...

I love your description of the store. Sounds awesome. It's amazing how much devices have changed over just the last few years.

Sue H said...

My son has an Apple laptop - cost a fortune but it had the 'ooomph' to deal with all the music and video editing he wanted to do. He's totally converted and daughter covets it - so she's saving up replace her Dell (hell!) with an Apple.
Despite the initial outlay, Apple scores on customer service - outstanding!

I recently replaced my Dell (again, hell!) with a shiney Samsung Notebook - still using Microsoft but the upgrade to Office10 is still a big learning curve - but thenKmight be ready to cope with the leap to a Mac. ;-)

Rudee said...

I just finished reading the biography of Steve Jobs. He was an aesthetically exacting man and controlled every single aspect that you mention--from making a glass factory that could manufacture glass stairs in his flagship stores, to the colors you see on the box that cradled your Mac. Nothing escaped him.

You're soon to find yourself deep in computer envy, especially when others never encounter another virus. Quick...any way to give your own computer a terminal illness? Once you go Mac, you never go back!


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